Find The Perfect Online Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend


Being in love is the best feeling ever! Sometimes when words fail, a beautiful gesture makes everything blossomy again. Given the fact that girls love gifts, men have an added advantage to themselves to keep showering her lady love with presents now and then – to make her day even brighter and your bond stronger. Even though there are millions of gifts online, finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be a real head-scratcher.

Here are some tips that will help you narrow down the perfect online gift for your girlfriend:

1. Find out what she wants

Historians say that men can’t take a hint but, if you want to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend, keep an open eye for secret “hints” she has been dropping lately. Maybe it’s the cute bracelet she saw in the mall and said “OMG! I wish I could buy this!” or a dress than she stumbled upon while shopping online. Make sure you give attention to details.


2. Find out what she needs

Sometimes it is our soulmate that knows us better than we know ourselves. Show this with a cute gesture to your girlfriend – that you understand what she really needs. Is your girlfriend always cold? You can get her a cozy blanket sweatshirt to keep her warm. Does her phone keep running out of battery and she has no time to charge her phone? Get her a portable charger. Subtle meaningful gestures like these will surely maintain the spark of your relationship.


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3. Figure out what she already has

A girl never has enough things in her life – be it clothes, makeup, jewellery etc. If your girlfriend has a lot of makeup, gift her a makeup organizer that makes her life much easier. If she is a travel enthusiast, gift her travel accessories or if she is a novel freak, gift her customized t-shirts, mugs and other accessories with prints of her favourite character or novel.


4. Gift her handmade artistic presents

Handmade gifts are the most meaningful and heat-touching gifts ever. The gift of time, effort and thoughtfulness is the best gift your girlfriend can ever get from you. Spend some time creating a thoughtful gift for her – you can make her a beautiful painting or a handmade card, DIY utility stuff etc. Show her your artistic talent!


5. Gift her something completely new

Surprise your girlfriend with an extra-ordinary gift that she has never thought of. There might be a lot of things left to explore, why not gift your girlfriend an impromptu trip to The Himalayas or Leh or maybe even Bali. Go the bold mile. Take your girlfriend on a trip and explore the world together. Did she always imagine to colour her hair pink or blue but was too scared to take the step? Book her a salon appointment and convey that you’d love her to take that step. Sometimes an extra support is required to embrace and explore an unexplored territory. Be that pillar of support for your lady love. Book online tickets and get going!


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6. Ask her close friends and family

Near and dear ones can provide you with the best insights. Call her best friend, mother or sister to know about her choices better. It’s always best to ask for advice rather than battling the gift war alone.


7. Consider her hobbies and interests

Gifting something related to hobbies is a great way to bring out meaning to your gift. Is your girlfriend is into yoga, you can get her a yoga mat or yoga pants in her favourite colour. If she is into music, you can get her live concert tickets.


8. You can always ask her

If in case you run out of all ideas, there is absolutely no harm is asking her what she’d love as a gift.

When you done with all the figuring out exercises and finally are able to pin point the perfect gift your girlfriend, don’t forget to club it with exotic bouquets and cake to make the day memorable forever. Plan out a perfect date for your girlfriend with romantic candle light setting, flower bouquets, cake and gift.


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