Reasons To Own GoPro Hero11 Black


Several of GoPro’s previous versions have now been discontinued, so eBay is your best bet if you want to get your hands on one earlier than a 7. The benefit of purchasing an older model, such as the Hero8 Black, is that as new models are released, the previous ones become less expensive.

At this article, I will tell something about the new series of GoPro Hero11 Slot Gacor Maxwin Black sport cameras, which has the compact and portable fuselage. It is worth mentioning that it feature 5K / 60fps video recording capabilities. Most importantly, it has a simplified interface, the best image stabilization and built-in horizon locking up to 5.3K.

GoPro Hero11 Black series sport camera supports voice control (currently supports seven languages, including Chinese). And when you charge the camera, it will automatically upload the shooting photos and videos to the cloud.


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GoPro Hero11 Black Specifications:

Come with 12MP Image Sensor and 2-inch touch screen;

Support 5K  video / 60fps, 4K video / 120fps, 1080p / 240fps

Stills resolution: 23MP

Battery life: 1-32hrs estimate

10 meters waterproof ability;

Weight: 153g

Support GPS.


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Aside from looking like every other GoPro this side of 2019, with upgraded hardware and software, the Hero 11 Black is a triumph on all facets. The new, nearly square sensor is extremely versatile, the camera’s software has been successfully simplified, and GoPro’s Slot Gacor Hari Ini companion app, Quik, has been improved. The Hero 11 Black is an excellent addition to the line, with best-in-class stabilization, great-looking video in all but dim light and dark scenes, and some fun new modes like light painting.

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The Hero 11 Black may not have significantly improved the line’s low-light performance. Nonetheless, with its new 8:7 sensor, simplified interface, and improved horizon leveling, it significantly improves GoPro’s offering. Nothing else can compete with the 11 Black in terms of appeal to people who use multiple social platforms.


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